Friday, April 18, 2008

the skinny

It is official! skinnychef is on the bus!

For those of you who do not know, I have made the decision and enacted the plan. I have sworn off the 9 to 5 (and even theatre work). I leased out my house for a year, packed all my furniture, my art, and bicycles into the shed and screwed it shut. Why? Well, skinnychef is on the road, and making media full-time with!

Corn-Dog and I, and everything we could fit in the little car, high tailed it to Slidell Louisiana to meet with my partner, FluxRostrum, at the Bio-Liberty compound. Here I am decompressing and unpacking and getting ready to cover the Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting in New Orleans this coming weekend.

We are traveling via the NOmadjik Bus, which is a waste vegetable oil (WVO) fueled school bus come media empire on six wheels.

Our Itinerary Includes (but is not limited to):
• April 20-21: New Orleans covering the meeting of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (aka. The North American Union or “Three Amigos”)
• May: West Virginia to prepare the bus for the journey
• June: Republic of Lakota covering the Lakota Independence
• June 22-July 9: Wyoming for (lord help me!) The Rainbow Family Gathering
• August 9: Denver Colorado to meet with my family and drive to Lake Tahoe for Mom and Dad’s FIFTIETH wedding anniversary on August 17th
• August 25-28: back in Denver to cover the Democratic National Convention
• September 1-4: Minneapolis MN to film the Republican National Convention
• September 11: New York, New York for the anniversary of 9/11

And then we are taking offers…Until January’s Inauguration in Washington DC

We are doing all of this on a dumpster diver budget, so if you are able to, feel free to help support independent media and buy skinnychef a burrito or two. Donate via PayPal to if you wish.

Thanks for your support!
You totally rock!


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LiveWorkDream said...

Oh right on! We are so happy for you guys. Your itinerary is insane, but looks like an incredible adventure. I wish we could follow along, but will you at least come see us in Colorado during August? We are going to be working at a dude ranch in Lake City, south of Gunnison, which is sort of on the way to Tahoe.

You'll be so amazed at how you don't miss all that crap you put in storage.

I can't wait to see how this adventure unfolds. We wish you the best!!!!