Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reflections on the Movement

Dissipating Dissent at the North American Union by FluxRostrum

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This pretty much encapsulates the feelings that I have on the organizing among activists today. The framing of activists is such that the biggest freakin' wingnut always gets the mainstream media air time. There are alot of people for whom being "that" wing nut is of imperative nature. These are frequently the "leaders" of the movement. These "leaders" are so wrapped up with having their name prominently featured in the collateral materials of the event, that they have forgotten the true goal of leadership is to ultimately make oneself obsolete.

Effective organizing involves a lack of ego. An ability to charm and communicate effectively, involving as many people as possible from diverse social, economic, political, and cultural backgrounds. To create a synergy of a multitude of existing organizations, working collaboratively on one agenda, regardless of the disagreements we all may have outside of that focus.

Until we have solidarity amongst us, we will continue to be subjected to the status quo-- which if you haven't noticed lately, is pretty fucked up!


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