Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seize BP

How do we force a multi-national corporation to pay the ACTUAL cost of an ONGOING spill of over 200,000 gallons a day? The oil has made landfall in the critical coastal wetlands of Louisiana. This tragedy affects us all, regardless of where we live because this habitat is host to migratory species, many of which are classified as Critical or Endangered. Lives will be lost. Species may be lost forever. How does one QUANTIFY that loss in DOLLARS??? Preposterous! It can't be done!

So what IS the solution? How DO we proceed?

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Anonymous said...

They are suggesting that BP's assets be impounded to pay for the Gulf oil spill. I see some difficulties here.
1. The Queen of England, perhaps the richest woman in the world, is a principle shareholder in BP. The Bank of England (Crown) is primarily owned by the Rothschild family. They are also the principle bank in the Federal Reserve bank cartel. So who is the dog and who is the tail? The Gulf may have simply been "taken down" for the benefit of the bankers. I have not noticed the Queen touring the Gulf coast region to see how she could apply some of their profits to help out. So, what do you think? Is this all part of the NWO, new world ordering? Remove the population from the Gulf so the can get on with oil production without hinderance? Break the US so they can absorb it into the NWO without our pesky Bills of Rights?
Destroy the US dollar currency to roll in their one world currency and control?