Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mobile Broadcast News First Micro-Cast

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We held our first Micro-Cast on Sunday the 15th in Slab City.
Micro-Cast is an outdoor screening of our independent media in underserved communities. This first Micro-Cast went off without a hitch! we had about 15 Slabbers in attendance, many of whom have little or no access to the outside world unless they go into town and use the public library.

The library in Niland is really a small store front that is open only on Tuesdays and Thusdays for about 5 hours. And, the edict justcame down that the library will NO LONGER be available to people who want to bring in their lap tops and use the free WIFI there.

This is MANY Slabbers ONLY connection to the world outside of this four mile radius, and the Slabbers are righteously pissed. I was encouraging them to go to city council meetings and such, but the reality is that many of the Slabbers are not really living on the same time space continuum as the rest of the world, and CANNOT utilize the "proper channels", 'cause they can no longer access the internet.

So, if you are so inclined, i encourage you to call and write the Imperial County Library Staff, and the Imperial County Board of Supervisors and encourage them to support education, and connectivity, by keeping their library open and available to everyone, including use of the internet!

Imperial County Free Library staff at 339-6460


Imperial County Board of Supervisors

District 1 Victor Carrillo 760-482-4309 & 760-357-5476

District 2 Jack Terrazas 760-482-4306 & 760-337-1142

District 3 Michael W Kelley 760-355-2042 & 760-482-4308

District 4 Gary Wyatt 760-344-2181 & 760-482-4613

District 5 Wally Leimgruber 760-356-2639 & 760-482-4305

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kenny said...

That sounds awesome! Sorry to have missed it. We left the slabs on the second of February, but I do remember seeing you guys around the range. Maybe next year.