Thursday, September 18, 2008


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skinnychef's house in TX got thrashed by a tree falling on it from a little tornado offa "Ike". It's looking like an expensive fix that could derail the project.

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to the "skinnychef tree through the roof fund"and keep the skinnychef on the road where she belongs! Think of it as a relief effort where you actually kinda know who you're helping and where the money is going!

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HonestJohnson said...

Obama and Mcain are both puppets of the NWO (new world order). The only difference between them is color. I get a charge out of people thinking things are going to be any better if obama is pres. In fact I see an empty talking head that seems insincere and frankly a one note johny (CHANGE!)
thats all that wind bag ever says .Dont get me wrong Mac aint any better. Its to bad were so blind sighted by all the media hype on theses asholes. There all tri lats and bergers so dont think that any of these corporate controlled butt plugs got yours and mine (Our country's)best interests at heart. All the libs love Bama and all the homophobes love macdaddy trust me turkeys were gonna get fucked either way one just might use a little more lube than the other Oh but dont count on it. Me? Oh Iam voting for the other guy.