Friday, August 15, 2008

National Day of Action Against Electoral Politics

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August 10, 2008 was the National Day of Action Against Electoral Politics protesting the circus of our sham democracy. In this vid you get to see first hand the "Freedom Cages" that are placed out of the range of the Pepsi Center where if you relinquish your Fourth Amendment rights, and get searched, you can exercise your First Amendment rights-- "within reason". In other words, out of sight and earshot of the convention and mainstream media.

In my experience these "Free Speech Zones" are generally a corral where you are surrounded by riot cops with masks, tasers, pepper spray, and rubber bullets. You won't find me here...the Denver Police has received a $50 Million federal subsidy for the conventions, $18 Million of which has been spent on "less than lethal" weapons to be used on those who would exercise their First Amendment rights. This frames the rhetoric of justification to quell dissent, essentially criminalizing the exercise of our constitutional rights.

When the mainstream media shows people in a cage surrounded by cops, they are seen as criminals and naer-do-wells, even if they are law abiding citizens. This keeps others who would speak out from opening their mouths for fear of being arrested, or beat up, or shot, or gassed, or tazed. All of which I am sure WILL HAPPEN! Hopefully not to me.... we'll see.

if I do disappear, look for me at "Gitmo on the Platte".

video by FluxRostrum

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