Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Milo Yellow Hair on Uranium Mining in the Lakota Republic

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Milo Yellow Hair is a longtime Oglala Sioux activist, working to prevent the Canadian corporation, Cameco, from expanding open pit uranium mining in Crow Butte, Nebraska.

The uranium mines in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Nebraska are poisoning the watershed, causing a variety of cancers on the rez and in the many communities downstream. This issue speaks not only to environmental and health concerns, but also those of sovereignty of the Lakotah peoples and the use of their sacred tribal lands.

There will be a hearing to review new Environmental Impact Reports and Water Studies in the third week of July.

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LiveWorkDream said...

We went to South Park, CO. (No shit, there is a South Park. The town name is actually Fairplay.)

Anyway, while we were there we noticed fliers everywhere for meetings to fight the proposed new uranium mine nearby ... where it's runoff will run right through various pure aquifers.

Do we really need another uranium mine? Especially one that destroys Rocky Mountain Spring Water? C'mon, I mean Coors is tainted enough already!

We saw a billboard protesting a new mine in new Mexico. What's up with that!?!?!