Monday, March 3, 2008

Conservative Round Table: North American Union

You might think I was crazy if I told you about this, but take a look at what these conservatives have to say about the North American Union, or Security and Prosperity Partnership...


sammyt2003 said...

Have you seen this???
It's a bit much, but same ballpark. I am ready to start over on Mars, you? said...

Well I have never in my life watched 27 minutes worth of neocon rhetoric, but this was well worth breaking my complete aversion to it. I had a hard time watching that old fat fuck's jowls flop around, so I have to admit that I was only listening to the audio while I multi-tasked.

Thank you for the post. I've been meaning to look up more info about the NAU.

Despite their disgusting xenophobe attitudes about why NAU shouldn't happen, perhaps there's hope that our two very different factions can find common ground on this issue and make sure that it does not happen.